As the Apartment Turns – Episode V It’s Just a Little Gas

In Episode V of our series “As the Apartment Turns”, we focus once again on our apartment maintenance professionals. They have to deal with some of the nastiest of tasks at times. Some time ago I wrote an article about the tasks that our apartment maintenance professionals would do but we never would. We certainly appreciate their hard work and commitment to the residents.

When it comes to topics such as HVAC, apartment maintenance professionals need training. EPA has laws that govern how you handle89495106 300x300 As the Apartment Turns – Episode V It’s Just a Little Gas HVAC maintenance and repairs. When dealing with refrigerant you need a vacuum pump and recovery unit. Ignore the law can cost thousands of dollars in fines and potential incarceration as well.

This episode of “As the Apartment Turns” stars Mike Flowers (Tom) and Leigh Knight (Sam). Venting a little gas is typically socially unacceptable and it is definitely against the law when dealing with HVAC units. Be sure to check out the video below.

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Written by Jonathan Saar

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