From New Hire to GREAT Hire (Infographic)

Turning a new hire to a great hire is not a simple add water and stir process.  It takes a tiered approach and a comprehensive strategy in order to produce the optimum results.  Too often we see scenarios where someone is hired and left to fend for themselves in their new job position.  This typically turns out to be catastrophic.  The employee does not feel empowered.  They see that they are struggling and this creates frustration.  Their supervisor sees a lack of results.  The employee either quits or is fired and the cycle starts all over again.

Employee turnover can cost property management companies thousands upon thousands of dollars each year.  What is refreshing to see from our perspective is a significant shift in attitude towards training and performance in multifamily.  A few years ago it was marketing marketing marketing.  Now we are seeing property management companies take a serious look at their people and investigating ways to really optimize and strengthen their teams.  I had the privilege of attending NAA Student Housing last week and one of the gentleman on the Executive panel used the expression “We are first and foremost Chief People Officers”.  I just about jumped out of my chair and did a little dance.  That is the kind of attitude and passion that infuses your team!

Our President Mechelle Flowers designed the infographic you see below.  This will help you have a clear visual on what it takes to go from new hire to a GREAT HIRE!

New Hire to Great Hire Infographic From New Hire to GREAT Hire (Infographic)

Written by Jonathan Saar

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  • Fireslayersales

    Great information Jonathan.

  • Cynthia Samuels

    This approach is perfectly in line with overall performance systems that are in place in large companies outside of multifamily — they are proven to be successful when a company is ready to “Raise the Bar” related to overall performance and incentives…Nice Job!

  • Leigh Meriweather Knight

    OMG this is BRILLIANT! It’s amazing how many hiring/supervising managers are unaware of   how to develop employees. I can’t stress enough how this affects employee morale and impacts employee turnover.

  • Jonathan Saar

    Thanks for your comment Leigh.  You are absolutely correct.  Development reduces turnover

  • Jonathan Saar

    Thanks Cynthia for your feedback.  Multifamily continues to make great progress with measuring performance.  Lots of great examples and more to come on “Raising the Bar” 

  • Jonathan Saar

    Thanks Mike!