Do Your Employees Pay Their Own Liability?

Do your employees pay their own liability? That is a good question isn’t it?  I am sure it is an easy answer as well; perhaps even a preposterous question even to pose. However from time to time I will come across folks who will state to me that they do not want a training program to keep them compliant because their employees don’t have time or they will buck at the program.

So that circles back to the original question. Who pays for the liability? The property management company does. Your employees should not have a choice. On our Facebook page I am constantly highlighting real new items that show negligence in Fair Housing, American Disabilities Act, pet deposits on service animals, OSHA and others. Property management companies are shelling out 71042903 Do Your Employees Pay Their Own Liability?thousands and thousands of dollars for violations in any of these areas. On top of that the majority of the time they are forced into training anyway and the most costly of methods.

It is absolutely critical for property management companies to have a solid compliance training program. Coupled with that they also need a way to manage that training and record it. That way if you ever have to face Fair Housing testers or allegations made against your team you have documentation to show the government which could lessen the blow. The fact of the matter is that if your team is trained on a regular basis on compliance matters you are reducing your risk. If you have a system that reports to you who is not compliant then you have real data to make some decisions.

Corporate cannot allow their employees to dictate what compliance training they need to take. There should be no buy in. There should be no hand holding. This simply needs to be a policy. In order for everyone to feel secure about their jobs, everyone should be involved in keeping it safe and compliant. Thankfully we work with a great deal of companies who share this approach and it is great to see many more taking compliance training seriously.

So it may be a harsh question to ask but it may be necessary the next time an employee balks at training. I am sure they would not like to see a payroll deduction for insurance liability. For all of you employees who are reading this, embrace whatever compliance training you are required to take. It keeps you safe and it keeps your company safe. Embrace the spirit behind the compliance laws. Apartment training is a key component to the smooth function of multifamily operations.

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Written by Jonathan Saar


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  • Mechelle

    I agree Jonathan, there are certain corporate decisions that cannot be left to group consensus..

  • Leigh Meriweather Knight

    Great article Johnathan. Employees also need to know that in some cases not only is the owner and/or management company at risk they themselves can also be named in a lawsuit and responsible for monetary damages. Knowing that alone makes me very eager to receive all the training and knowledge to avoid such incidents. Ignorance is not an excuse for violating federal laws.

  • Jonathan Saar

    Great point Leigh about the employee themselves being put at risk for a lawsuit.  That serves as an even higher impetus to embracing their training.  Thanks for sharing your insights! 

  • Jonathan Saar

    Exactly Mechelle.  Some things you can talk about as a team and brainstorm on but compliance matters are certainly not one of them.  I appreciate you contributing today. 

  • Cynthia Samuels

    Great point, Leigh.  I wonder if we, as an industry, do a good job about helping the on-site team understand this.  I know that it is covered in all of the FH courses but maybe a grass roots campaign may be able to get the message across to those that haven’t gotten it…so they will understand the importance of timely Fair Housing training!

  • Jonathan Saar

    A united front and message rocks.  That is one of the reasons why this blog is so important to me plus our Facebook page.  They are all part of greater mission to educate our multifamily community.  Thanks for commenting Cynthia.