Five Mobile Apps for Multifamily Marketing

Mobile marketing is a critical element for multifamily. With the various apps that are available and the unique niches they provide we cannot help but at the very least be aware and in tune with their possibilities. I am going to summarize five: Pinterest, Instagram, News Booth, PicFrame and Forkly.


This tool seems to be hitting a fever pitch quickly. In my opinion it is one of the best visually stimulating platforms available. It is a social sharing site so like platforms like Twitter you receive the most benefit if you continue to build your network. It is like a digital bulletin board where you have the opportunity to make your own boards and pin content that are associated with those boards. Apartment communities are already leveraging this tool for apartment marketing and are seeing success. Check out Bailey Properties boards as an example.  They started out with a corporate account and have since started rolling out individual ones for their communities.

Pinterest example Five Mobile Apps for Multifamily Marketing

An example from Bailey Properties


This is a great photo sharing tool as well. Besides all the various lighting you can add to your pictures, you can also syndicate it with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Posterous and Tumblr. It is only available for the iPhone currently. You can geo tag your pictures as well. For apartment marketing this gives you an opportunity to really highlight community events or other unique items about your community and showcase them in a much more unique way. Melissa DeCicco from Mills Properties is an avid user of this tool. I love seeing the pictures she posts in connection with events that she and the Mills team are involved in.

Mills pic Five Mobile Apps for Multifamily Marketing


I have just started using this recently. It is one of those items I am on the fence about since most folks do not care that I am eating a bologna sandwich. However this has a unique twist to it where you can share some of the unique cuisines you are trying in your area. It tags the restaurant and adds your photo and those who are following you can interact. Once again I am just testing this out but I canforkly 200x300 Five Mobile Apps for Multifamily Marketing foresee possibilities in some mobile niche markets with this.

News Booth & PicFrame

I am going to lump the both of these together. They are both tools to help make your photos just a little more interesting. PicFrame allows you to put together a compilation of 1-5 photos and make your own collage to share with your network. News Booth is pretty cool as well. You can now turn your pictures into “Breaking News” add some text to it and then share it with your network. Again I am highlighting the fun in just adding a bit more flavor to such a visual world that we live in.

I cannot predict the future for these tools but I can share my enthusiasm for them. Apartment marketing continues to evolve. Mobile marketing has taken a strong foothold and cannot be overlooked. Every demographic is unique so it takes some research and testing to evaluate response and return. The point is to at least be aware and try these out. If they generate any wow factor with you then I am sure your creative juices will kick in from there.

I would love any feedback you have on these tools or perhaps others you are testing and playing with currently for your apartment and mobile marketing efforts. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Written by Jonathan Saar

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