Apartment Leasing-The Art of Closing

For all the stages that apartment leasing entails there can be nothing more satisfying then to see your entire hard work end with a close. You successfully scheduled an appointment with the prospect, got them in the door, performed an act of magnificence as you toured the property with them and created a vivid picture of home for them to call theirs. In the back of your mind you know you are competing with other communities in the area. This is where the importance of closing techniques comes into play without looking like a used car salesperson with a cigarette butt hanging out your mouth.

Last week I posed this topic on our Facebook page and asked the group to share what were some of their favorite “closing”94920503 199x300 Apartment Leasing The Art of Closingexpressions.

Kris-Do you have any other questions before we start the paperwork?

Stephanie-Did you want to go ahead and reserve the 2 bedroom today? I know you really like it and I don’t want you to lose it

Jolene-You are going to make me the happiest person in the world if you place your application today!

Milagros-I’d love to help you to start the application process right now!

Mechelle-Let’s go back to the office and get the application started.

Elsa-Let me assist you in completing your application process so we can have you moved into your lovely new home as soon as possible!

Mary felt that her area was unique and actually resistant to hard closing so she uses the expression-If you feel like calling and signing, just let me know. I’ll be around

Sheri-I know that you and little Victoria want to move in quickly, so let’s get the application done

I would like to thank everyone who participated in our Facebook conversation. It is extremely beneficial to hear thoughts from numerous perspectives. The biggest learning point I took away from this conversation was the need to be adaptable. What works in an urban setting may not work in a suburban setting. What works for a Gen X may not work for a Gen Y. The biggest fundamental that we track through our performance management tool that is missing is the closing techniques themselves. Yes it is unfortunate to say that there are leasing professionals who do not use closing techniques at all. This is part of the process no matter what demographic you are leasing to. You may have your own unique style and way of delivering that closing message which is crucial. You do want to come across canned or impersonal. The hard facts are that you have to have something!

This is not an overnight technique that any leasing professional will develop, but will be something that will be learned through education, training, and benefiting from others prior experience. What can you add to this conversation? Do you have any techniques that you have found successful? What have you found crucial to the learning process? I can’t wait to read your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Sondrah

    Shoot, I missed your facebook conversation on this. I will tell you my favorite prospective residents were always the savvy shoppers. The people that did serious research and don’t like being sold. My old stand by with them was something like, “I’m not going to try and close you to get a lease. I know you’ve done your homework and know what you want in an apartment home. I think there is no comparison to our community for not only location, quality and price, but beyond that, I am positive our desire to serve our customers is second to none – ANYWHERE. If we don’t have an apartment that fits your needs, lets sit down and I’ll do what I can to help you find your new home, no matter where it is.” Worked every time.

  • http://www.thetrainingfactor.com/ Jonathan Saar

    Sondrah that is a super honest approach and very clear and concise. That closing technique shows a super well thought out stand on the part of the leasing professional. It acknowledges the prospective residents intellect which is always a great feel good scenario. On top of that it demonstrates your sincere interest in the individual. Thanks for adding to the conversation. I really appreciate your insight!