I’m a Guy and I Don’t Want to Have Sex with You

Statistically speaking sexual harassment in the workplace for years has been the focus in the media on the female gender.  Due to the evolution of women in the workplace over the last 50 or so years that is totally understandable.  Now for the most part the playing field is somewhat level here in this country and as a result of this there is now a shift that has taken place in workplace discrimination.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in 2009 16% of the complaints filed were from men.  Compare that to 11.6% back in 1997.  There is no way to determine how many cases actually occurred since, like many women, men do not report the87552941 200x300 I’m a Guy and I Don’t Want to Have Sex with You incidents. We can only expect and predict that the statistics will continue to rise which necessitates the need for companies to adjust their anti-harassment policies.

I found an interesting thought regarding policy changes in this article from Health News for Americans.  The writer suggested that policies should be adjusted so that there are no stereotypes in your policies.  The wording needs to cover both genders.  The examples are now universal.  So called “locker room” behavior, inappropriate jokes, and of course sex in return for some sort of promotion or the like are simply not acceptable for both genders.  Adjusting your policies is extremely important since if litigation is leveraged against a company that is certainly one of the areas that is targeted as proof one way or another.

As equality in the workplace continues to be a fundamental movement, the idea that “guys can take it” type of attitude simply will no longer be acceptable.  I am interested in how you are addressing this shift in your workplace environment.  What kind of apartment training and policies have you implemented or are working towards implementing?  Please feel free to make your expressions on this topic in the comment section below.

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Written by Jonathan Saar

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  • http://twitter.com/BSitko BSitko

    My opinion on this is simple. Harassment is harassment regardless of sex. They shouldn’t be separated out but should be handled in a similar fashion with no focus on what sex the person is. It’s irrelevant. Great post Jonathan as always.

  • http://www.thetrainingfactor.com/ Jonathan Saar

    So sorry my friend for the late reply! Your statement is very true. There are numerous types of harassment that take place in the workplace. It is intriguing to note the types of complaints and who they are coming from. Those stats are in constant flux so it is important for all companies to make sure they have a solid policies and education in place.