Is There Really No Crying in Baseball?

One of the classic lines in the movie “A League of Their Own” was Tom Hanks who said to one of his players, “There’s no crying in baseball”.  He emphatically stated that to his player who had made a mistake and who was upset on how he delivered his message to her.  The rest of the team was not happy with him.  Even though he was right, the way he delivered his coaching skills was not well received and produced zero results.  When he changed how he dealt with this player, she improved and the rest of the team respectedcryinginbaseball 300x193 Is There Really No Crying in Baseball? him for it.

What does this have to do with multifamily?  It’s real simple.  As team members we have to carry out decisions all the time and we have to make sure our team is on point.  We could be completely right but our delivery could be completely wrong.  If we try to throw our weight around, take a guess on how the team around you is going to react.  I have talked about the necessity to get buy in from your team in a previous post. In the apartment world there is never a day when we are not training or being trained by what takes place in our day.  The old adage of thinking before we speak rings true all the time.  If we want respect from our team then be sure to give them the respect they deserve.  If we want there to be no crying in baseball, in other words no negative emotions from our team players then we need to choose our words wisely.  This applies to all those who reaching out in their career path.  Learn these fundamentals now.  Sometimes we need to eat humble pie.  We are not always going to get things right so we need to be humble enough to admit it and move on.  These are some keys to earning our teams respect and seeing less crying in baseball.

Written by Jonathan Saar

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