Multifamily Apartment Training-Incentives that Bring Results

How many of us enjoy and jump for joy when we are forced to do something?  I am speaking beyond company policies.  When it comes877704884 276x300 Multifamily Apartment Training Incentives that Bring Results to education and training for your company is it an absolutely die hard must?  Depending on who you talk to, you will hear different schools of thought.  The bottom line is you can open that office door and travel through a business day without giving multifamily education and training a second thought and the walls and ceiling will not collapse.  However, most companies see the necessity to provide training for their team for the following reasons:

  • Enhance skill sets
  • Ensuring compliance on Fair Housing, Sexual Harassment and OSHA standards
  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Lowering marketing costs
  • Building career paths
  • Producing a higher level of corporate culture

Those who are in positions of overseeing the training department clearly see these benefits listed above.  However, does your team see it the same way?  Step back for a moment to your algebra and calculus days or any other subject you found challenging.  I remember asking my teacher the same old question: “When am I ever going to use this in real life?”  Her answer was clear and memorable. “You probably won’t use it, but you will develop crucial brain patterns that will allow you to take on greater challenges when you are an adult.”  What did my teacher provide?  An incentive!  It should be no different with our teams today.  If you are going through the expense of creating a brilliant curriculum for your team it is an absolute must for them to know why.  Your incentives should be way easier to communicate than the ones we received in math class.  The education you are providing is real time and is crucial for the company’s growth.  Here are some ideas for incentives and encouragement that your team will appreciate.

  • When a team member scores well on a course, call or email them and commend them.
  • When rolling out a new curriculum clearly outline to the team the reasons, the goals and the long term benefits.  That message should not be delivered just one time.
  • Utilize a performance evaluation system that clearly shows the learner how their education has benefited their performance and where improvement is needed.
  • Hold a graduation ceremony!  Cap, gown, diploma the whole bit.
  • If you bonus your staff for less turnover and more leases, tie in the value of education that gets them to those goals.

Can you comment on any other ways that create a sense of urgency and necessity for your team?  I am sure there are a ton of creative ideas that have great success.  Please share in the comments below! There can be nothing worse than having grouchy students and learners.  Give them a reason.  Give them an incentive.  Give them a goal.  Your hard work and extra effort will make you and your team inspired and proficient apartment professionals.

Written by Jonathan Saar

Check out how the staff of Stonemark Property Management felt about their education in the video below.

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