Property Management Visions: Do You Really Have a Good Idea?

87456086 300x225 Property Management Visions: Do You Really Have a Good Idea?Stop and reflect on how many good ideas you had yesterday.  How many did you have last week?  How many did you have last month?  Now ask yourself what ever came of most of those?  Those thought processes are one of the many amazing things about our brain.  We are wired to be creative and are geared to look for the next best concept.  What does it take to see those “good ideas” through to realization?  It takes connection points.

First of all most of our good ideas get thrown out the door by ourselves realizing that once the right side of our brain connects with the left side, the logic of the idea squashes the original concept.  However many ideas do seem to have some possibilities and so we present them to our team.  The next challenge is translating our good idea to the team who is listening with mixed left brain right brain feelings.

Here is the difference in our modern digital age; our team no longer needs to be just the group we see each day when we walk into the leasing or property management office.  Take today’s blog post as an example.  I am sitting here sipping my coffee trying to come up with a “good idea” for a post today.  Nothing was really coming to me and nothing appealed to me on my editorial list so I Googled “good idea”.  As the beginning of this post suggests, my mind was trying to wrap around business good ideas and what becomes of them.  I scrolled down to the bottom of page one and noticed those in my social circle who have used that term in items they have posted and I came across this article from Jay Ehret a speaker from Optimization Summits last year and who will be speaking at Brainstorming and Optimization Summits this year.

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His article was entitled “Opportunity Cost and the Danger of the Good Idea”.  It’s a good read so I encourage you to check it out.  Jay’s main point was discussing the growing social media trends that are out there and are they really “good ideas”.  I love this quote from his article: “Good ideas are constantly tempting us. We should ignore most of them and only pay attention to the best idea: the best idea for what we’re trying to accomplish for our business.”

So really I want to emphasize two points in today’s article.  Good ideas will come and go.  Assertiveness is what is absolutely necessary if we want to see our ideas come to fruition.  What does it take?  Ideas need research, they need stats, they need facts and the reason why is because our brain is not the only one involved in the business decision.  All too often we can jump on the bandwagon of new media, out of this world marketing ideas, new gadgets and tools without really taking the time to see if any of these ideas are truly right for our business.

Point number two is that your team is beyond those office doors and conference room.  Ultimately yes the decision will be made there, however you have a whole world out there to assist you.  Google’s social search is a great tool to see what others are saying about a given topic.  This can help you come up with a much more rounded out approach to your concept.  Here is an exercise for you.  Type in some random key word phrases and see what pops up in your social search.  Feel free to comment below on the results.  I am also interested in hearing from you on your process to take a good idea and turn it into something great.

Written by Jonathan Saar

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