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In order to achieve superior results, you must set your expectations higher than the rest.

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Unlock potential, measure greatness and empower employees.

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Analyze & measure employee performance and determine how to proceed.
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If it's "broke," fix it. Re-train and establish goals for underperforming employees in your organization.
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We will help you lower your training cost and increase your training effectiveness.

How will The Training Factor guide you and your employees to the highest level of success in the most entertaining and efficient way possible? Simple: The Training Factor offers unique services, including a state-of-the-art Learning Management System, entertaining online courses, and performance-based follow-up.

​We offer access to the simple yet powerful Aspire™ Learning & Performance Management System. Our dashboard is easy to navigate and gives you access to options including management tools, actionable results data, and much more.

In our courses we incorporate video clips, animations, full professional voiceovers and other exciting content to help achieve desired results. You can also upload your own content, including PDFs, courses, and videos.

The Training Factor is also completely dedicated to helping you ensure that your employees are on the right path towards maximum productivity. We do this by following up on your employees’ post-course-completion performance by providing Mystery Shopping Services (phone and on-site) to gauge course retention; our system will let you know who may need additional training and reevaluation, and who may be a hidden superstar! 

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Making such a big decision can be confusing, here are 12 points you should know and keep in mind before deciding.

  1. Cohesive Integration System that marries both training and performance
  2. Adaptable and agile courses allow for quick changes as laws and processes change
  3. A consulting approach to the Implementation Process helps you get where you want to go fast
  4. Our program is quick and easy to set-up and integrate into your company culture
  5. Our focus is on maximizing employee’s growth and potential through goal setting and competency monitoring
  6. Each course is designed as a “work of art”  that not only educates but entertains the learner
  7. We improve our product based on feedback from our clients
  8. Our reporting style allows you to manage by exceptions rather than wading through huge spreadsheets of data
  9. Integrated Performance Development tool allows you to monitor the skill set improvements from the training we provide
  10. Our product contains no hidden fees---unlimited is truly unlimited
  11. We’re multi-housing, not just multi-family, we appeal to ALL types of housing development
  12. Many clients have shown a proven and measured 45% increase to employee performance

Our Solutions


  • 100+ Online Courses
  • Employee Cloud-Based Portal
  • Learning Management System
  • Automated Learning Plans
  • Performance Management
  • ​Online Company Calendar
  • Company Blog
  • Integrated Course & Quiz Builder
  • Shared Resource Repository
  • HR Integration
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Video | Onsite | Phone | Net
  • Pre-recorded Call Scoring
  • Automated Course Remediation 

Fannie Thomas

Place Properties

 "I cannot begin to put into words how beneficial our University by The Training Factor is. Our associates are able to attend class without leaving the comfort of their home or office due to the online classes. The Training Factor has helped save thousands of dollars and increase employee morale."



Check out how easy managing your employee's learning & performance can be.


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